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19 Jan 2016

The first 3 lessons in business I ever learned

I learned my first 3 lessons in business when I was 8 years old. It all started with a business idea I picked up from school. The Business Idea It was a hot and dusty afternoon in Government
3 Feb 2015

The first 15 days of my 30 day fitness challenge

Getting fit in 2015 has not been easy but I have survived the first 15 days of my 30 day fitness challenge. Whew! It all started 17 days ago when I got out of bed fed up
3 Sep 2014

11 years of marriage and some lessons learned

A short while ago, I attended the bridal shower of a friend and listened to some of the advice she was being given. I have to admit the words of wisdom provided were often too generic with little substance
3 Apr 2014

Mommyhood Musings #1

It is 2:15am and I am sitting in my daughter’s room, listening to her labored breathing as she battles a horrible congestion. I hear her struggle to catch a breath then she stops for a moment …
3 Mar 2014

My Oscar 2014 Favorites

Oscar 2014, a night of glitz and glamour – so of course I found it irresistible.  There were new comers that shone bright, old timers that were side notes and passed up, then there were great moments
14 Nov 2013

Refuse the Bait

I’m back to reality after a very refreshing vacation where I had time to reflect, meditate and revive my commitment to continuous improvement. Now it’s back to reality and time to put all good intentions to practice. Today
1 May 2013

Laptop Frenzy – Starting the hunt

Today is one of those days I have gotten really irritated navigating my MacBook Pro. I have tried desperately to fall in love with it … I can’t even remember when I got it but I’m certain
21 Apr 2013

Little Miss CEO turns One Today!!!

Hot Off the Press: Little Miss CEO turned one today. She kept up a brave front as the day wore on. There was a small meltdown when she was asked to blow off the candle but that
15 May 2010

Devry University Generation WE Conference

I was invited to speak to young Southern California women at the Devry University Generation WE one day empowerment and educational summit. The topic I chose to focus on was the job market. It was an exciting talk
1 Feb 2010

Interview with Afrikan Goddess

Did an interview for the Afrikan Goddess blog with Amma Twum-Baah. It was a fun interview. Some are driven by their life’s circumstances. Others are driven by the expectations society has placed on them. Yet still, others